Entitled to lie

I get a letter from the gun rights people who seem to be so morally superior they are entitled to lie. This is what is wrong with American politics today. We have become a 1 issue voting block and they rule on every issue. We cant have a school board election without getting the NRA opinion on it.

I am a firm believer in all the amendments and not just the second but the first too. I got a letter claiming I refused to support some pledge which is true but then it went on to claim I supported Clinton this and that and outlining what I believe and what is right. Because I wont speak directly for them they got no problem speaking for me.

It has further lowered my opinion of the NRA and that whole group works under the blanket like they do. We want open and transparent,,, but not here?  I received several rather threatening letters, if you don’t kinds of things.  Say I should read the constitution yet if it is brought up its quickly shoved under the table with a disinterested look unless its about the second.

The gun has become the shiny toy to distract everyone while they get slipped a mickey on everything else. I know hard core Democrats believe in gun rights and got one of everything but don’t back the lobby. I can see why. I believe in the second amendment but not the whole gang using it as a tool for anything they want.  They quote and lie and then  to threaten me to “change my mind” and vote for them.  If there is anything anti American this has to come pretty close.

Yes, some asshole lobby type I never met starts publishing quotes I never made and claiming I support this or that which I am actually rather ambivalent about on its own face or merits.

No,,, I am not pro gun, this means I don’t promote for guns and  I think we got enough of it now that its all consuming it seems. I am not anti gun. We don’t let some people drive either. But do we want every politician bullied by this lobby till they cant do anything even if it was right?  We have nuts shooting at cops and the solution is to sell some more cheaper and easier.

At every political turn the price of ammo goes up, duh, Obama has been the bullet dealers best friend. Same for Hilary, gonna drive millions in sales and increased prices and somehow makes me an enemy of gun rights. Just really goes to show who pulls the strings and is playing the people.

I never met this guy and he can publicly assume my position for not filling out a rigged pledge for he has given to me?  Should all elected officials be required to sign a  pledge to some characters they never even met from Washington? Is this what people really want?

I just took a constituency call now and was more than happy to explain my position for myself.


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