Cornered on education

I was asked what is wrong and I think a lot of it is a lot more simple. We have lost disconnect with the hands and following instructions in regards to task labor.  My answer is that we should replace some study hall time with some shop time and some mechanical drawing.

There are forms of autism we still don’t recognize and it all hooks together, we end up with people not suited to the work they do and now with enough schoolin we have the belief anyone can be an expert in near anything.

I know plumbers cant plumb, truck drivers cant drive and some of this I understand but there is a simpler set of skills that seem to get passed over or may be part of a disorder where they cant read people related to not understanding the difference between a little or a lot and if it matters.

People cant understand the difference between rinse it off and scrub it clean or if its clean or dirty. Combine this with not being able to tell when a boss is in a hurry or not, or if we have the job done or not and some kind of assessment ability regarding how long they think something might take at the pace they are going.

This may live for decades and may not improve with experience which makes one believe it may be a disorder. Now we can combine the thinking that because I got this experience and education I obviously know what I am doing. This is partially from specialization where there is no definitive end goal and no real production standard. Grants for testing and other schemes come to mind. Bureaucratic deals of sorts where slots are filled, some useless when the grant dries up.


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