Letter to the Editor

This was sent to the editor of the Mainstee News Advocate in response to several stories run in their paper lately.

My name is Cary Urka and I was on the same forum at the League of Women Voters.  The Sheriff’s forum really says it all. The candidates are so fearful of the wrath of the gun lobby they have to endorse almost every version of any law that appears to be pro gun. One question asked was “How do we stop mass shootings of police?” and another was “How do we enable  more people to get more specialized fringe equipment?” and there was even some effort to leave the impression that all the cops want a heavily armed public and that we would be better off for it.

    Even the most ardent liberals in the room are basically 2nd amendment supporters, including myself.  Some hunt and I haven’t heard anything from them about people trying to take their guns, their targets, or even their self defense weapon.  Does the Sheriff HAVE to come out and make a case for armament in order to get elected?  We have our Sheriffs debating about people getting silencers and grenade launchers.  They have to say this because the lobbyists tells them to.  If I am against citizens having grenade launchers am I anti-gun?  How many times we hear of these nuts buying some of this stuff legally. Would we be safer if the market was open to cheap imported automatic weapons from China and shipped into Manistee County?  Would I be anti-gun if I felt that having cheap Chinese manufactured weapons at Wal-Mart like cheap Chinese toys for your children is a bad idea? The issue isn’t gun control for the citizenry, the issue is keeping guns out of the hands of the nuts who want to kill cops and kids.

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