Endorsements, the good and the bad

Suppose I do not get or even ask for an endorsement from the NRA, does that mean I am against guns? If I don’t take an endorsement from one side does it mean I am for the other? If I don’t agree with you wholeheartedly id dosent mean I agree switch some other guy by default.

This part of it has really cost my place in this election cycle. I had a plan but really didn’t execute on time and it has left me with an empty hand.  This however should be a plus for voters, I don’t have 25 or 30 major groups with their hooks in or hand in my pocket.

I might have been less reluctant had I really studied the process before hand but my interest originally was some of the players and the ant farm that politics is. Its becoming more sophisticated despite some of the fundamental principles being the same.

This is something I should have prepped tactically for longer than I did and brought on a chief of staff and some consultant so I got on a calendar and didn’t miss important deadlines.  A good strategy only goes if the execution is right. Hindsight is always better.

The up side to this is I don’t owe anyone for anything in this game. This is good for the avg guy like me in the sense I can really tell people to sod off if they start arm twisting. I cant be pressured or a threat is absolutely meaningless to me. I have a lot of respect for sitting judges but not so much for a lot of other blow hards in the world.

My interest is really in pure politics here and not so much on the issues. I am almost compulsed to reveal mistakes on strategy and the chances and math behind it all but need to keep my mouth shut on some of it for now.

The campaign promise I could reasonably be able to keep is to be as much of a train wreck as I can be on behalf of the people of Michigan. When I see a turd floating will do the best to flush the thing,,,, not make deals with it. I  am about as anti establishment as you can get and stay out of prison. I pretty much figure most in this business are lying when their lips are moving or steering one to some emotional issue where they figure they can gain ground. We have a lot of one issue voters and it often goes against all the rest,,, many of these “issues” have little direct bearing on the individual so passionate about it.

I can really tell when the marketing has grabbed hold, everyone using the same buzz words. That is the point I become interested and to look at the underlying motivation. Who wants it this way and why and is it as it appears?

I have met a couple people that will back off their job and get to some honesty for a minute when it would be better served but most simply go on repeating clichés with buzz words and nothing pisses me off more than to be brushed off with than that.  I sent a couple of them packing, they came around with a speech which asks my opinion on a form they already have the answers too and want me to pay them so they can go have dinner with some more over stuffed types.

No matter what its called its still a shakedown contractor for lobby types.  If I give him 500 he is going to lobby for lower taxes, f u, I will skip the process and keep my 500 and you can buy your own lunch. This is a symptom of the problem and maybe even the problem itself.

I am going to encourage an open forum, I wouldn’t mind some ideas on how swift kicks. As I mentioned earlier its kind of disappointing on how few run for some of these offices yet complain the loudest. I had some obnoxious do gooder with 10 degrees tell me to learn to write my congressmen. Hahahaha


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