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When one runs for office you get a lot of people who want you to speak for them. Basically they want me to kiss their ass so that they can kiss mine later I guess but I am just plain not up to agreeing  10 pages of line item crap all prepared and waiting for me to sign.

Most of the big issues are being used as tools to divide up sides in a big game of survivor. We are not being “informed” about “issues”, we are being played with by them. We already  have plenty of experts. I really can’t come up with a single law to endorse at this point other than to up size some fine print. I have no new laws to initiate – we have enough problems with the ones we already have.

If you want the best ‘expert’ in this race and most experienced it would be Dan Scripps; if you want to nominate someone most likely to spend the first 4 years “learning to get along” and who to know to and who kiss up to then there are other choices in this race.  If you like someone wont take shit from smart aleck that cant complete a  sentence without 2 contradicting lies and  six multi-syllable words then I am your guy.

My main priority is trying to shove a stick in the spokes of some turd trying to line his pockets from the trough. If I get one of those guys to look me square in the eye and  tell me an unbelievable outright lie with an air of authority  we are going to have a real problem.

This is the problem we have now: before a guy even gets to office he has to hook up with the lobbyists, special interests, consultants, political party members, etc. and then we  expect it to turn out well for the rest of us?

I hate a lot of these people. I don’t know all them personally but one has to wonder if they actually believe themselves sometimes. I am the best shot for the average guy to get even a bit of representation here.

We see a lot of buzzwords about cooperation. This should be done in the interest of the people when today it looks a lot like you wash my back and I will wash yours and we both get what we want while the public takes it in the rear.

The Flint crisis says it all. I must have watched 50 shows on it and still don’t know squat except we have some elevated levels. Heck, I got 1 of my 3 children that had an elevated level and he hasn’t been within 100 miles of Flint. I love the response though: load every school bus up we can find with bottled water and haul ass over to a place everyone drinks pop and big slushie drinks anyway.

I saw someone buy a bottle of water the other day for $2 and they are standing next to a public water cooler. If we are going to tax water, well, alright, then pop too. $2 bucks a bottle, $16 a gallon, then complain about the price of everything else. It makes a $3 gallon of gas look cheap.

Whats this got to do with politics? Its living proof that basic logic and common sense are things of the past and some study hall time should be replaced with a life class and wood shop.  So much education has been focused on job, job, job, that learning and simple skills have gone by the wayside.  This leads to many specialists that go on to excel in their fields, but what about all the people who have no skills outside their narrow education and end up failing?

Here is whats looming. The student loan crisis will be another banking crisis and I am waiting to see whose fault that is.   How are we going to spin it on someone else?  Ultimately we will blame the people who took the loans!  We will have an employment crisis and a whole generation we have created that feels entitled due to student loans.

It will compete with car payments, after all anyone wants a new car should have one, right?  Does it matter if you can afford it or not?  Same for a new home and credit cards and a house full of electronic crap connected to a $200 a month cell phone bill? Is it really the fault of the consumer, or does the banking industry that is willing to put the consumer in this situation share the blame?

You shouldn’t send me to Lansing because you like me or because I shook your hand. You should send me because I am just like you.

Stay tuned for more nonsense.



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